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The largest mountain range in Cyprus stretching cross a third of the island, is the Troodos mountains. Located at the western side of Cyprus, its highest peak also known as Chionistra, is 1,952 meters high. A cool escape during the summer months at the green heart of the island and a snow filled winter destination with four ski slopes. Filled with numerous villages a visitor can enjoy the Cypriot culture. Visit Byzantine monasteries and churches, explore nature and enjoy breath-taking views, or nestle at one of the many mountain resorts. Unearth the rich mining history of copper and other precious minerals the area was famous for throughout the Mediterranean. Troodos is the place for adventure, discovery and leisure.


Being incorporated in the Classical Roman Empire and the Eastern Byzantine Empire, the island has many Byzantine monuments worth visiting.


Hidden away in the deep forest of the Troodos mountain area, are picturesque wonders of nature. Filled with natural river networks, during winter months, rain transforms into rivers and dams fill with water.


Within a distance of 10 km, explore rapid changes in terrain and scenery, from rocky to clay and steep to flat. Find a number of bike centers dotted throughout the island offering rental service, route information, guide, assistance and support.


Discover this uniqueness of Troodos mountain, and all the at the Troodos Georpark Visitor Centre, comprised in an area of 1.147 km2.


In an island with 10 thousand years of history, the Troodos mountain range possesses numerous unique and culturally significant Ecclesiastical, Folk Art and Wine Museums where the visitor can explore history and travel in time.


A total of 22 designated walking trails have been created to highlight the beautiful landscapes and strong Mediterranean character of the island.


Specially designed areas offer facilities such as benches, tables, barbecue sites, potable water, sanitary facilities, children playgrounds and car parking.


Whether it’s a fun filled family excursion, an adventure with the pals, an experience with your colleagues or a fund day out with your special someone the Troodos mountains promise an action packed day that you will remember for days to come.


With a history in wine making dating back to the Bronze age, Cyprus has been in the forefront of wine production for over 5,000 years. The Mediterranean climate and the fertile slopes of the Troodos mountain range created the ideal environment for vineyards to blossom.


The skiing slopes operate from the beginning of January till the end of March, on the slopes of Mount Olympos, the highest point of the island (1951 meters).


Within the mountains and valleys of Troodos are scenic villages offering a taste of Cyprus’ traditional architecture, decorated with cobbled streets.


A wide selection of traditional taverns, restaurants and cafes are available in this authentic part of Cyprus.